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Anmerkung: Der nächste Teil ist in Englisch geschrieben. Ein Teil meiner Persönlichkeit ist definititv zweisprachig. Viele meiner Texte sind auch in englisch geschrieben, einfach weil sie mir so kommen und es so richtig schön flutscht beim Schreiben. So auch der unten stehende Text. Ich würd ja gern sowas schreiben wie “Ich arbeite an einer deutschen Übersetzung”, aber dem ist halt einfach nicht so. Ich hoffe, du hast keine Probleme damit und falls du zu der Generation gehört für die die englische Sprache nicht ganz so selbstverständlich ist, wie in meiner, dann schreib mir und ich lass dir eine kurze Zusammenfassung zukommen.


When one of his flowers is sick, a farmer will always know, that he needs to turn his attention to the roots. Only when the roots are strong and healthy and the soil is rich in nutrition the flower can blossom like it is meant to be.

Even though this is by far my favorite example to explain the work I do I have to make clear that my coachings are not a place for deep healing work. I am in no position to heal your roots. No one is. The only one who can do the real healing work on you is .. well .. you.


My aim is to give you within the time we have together the missing key you need in order to reach that deeper hidden place within you so you can return back home and do the healing work on your own.

I will only hold and make myself available to hold space for things that I experienced by myself and that I feel capable of holding. If I sense that something is too big for me, like an old trauma showing up, that needs special healing, I will do my best to support you in finding the right person for you, either a well-fitting therapist or some other kind of safe space for you to do this kind of work.

It requires a lot and you don’t want to do this work via skype or in a coffee shop around the corner.

Other than that my coaching aims to give you a new perspective on how to deal with your life and whatever problems are showing up. I want to support you in releasing old thought patterns and replacing them with new ones. Because let’s face it: Your thoughts are shaping your reality. We change our thinking first, by that we change our inner landscape and only then the outer reality will change from itself.

When life starts falling into place, when everything feels easy and filled with endless amount of joy, that’s your reward when you do the inner work and by facing yourself.

In my coachings, you will do most of the talking. I’m not trying to give you the answers, that are only meant to be found by you.
What I am hoping to give you though is the final stone for finishing the bridge that you are building to find yourself. I want to walk next to you, just for a short period of time, and be the light bulb on your way back home to you. Shedding some light here and there on the dark spots you can’t reach on your own.

Problems, any kind of problems, will dissolve itself if we bring them out of the dark. In my case, this means to support you to gain clarity what is really going on in your life right now. Where are you? Where do you want to go? What’s keeping you away from walking further along the way? And what are your possible next steps?


I prefer to meet in person. A special atmosphere is happening that allows us to go deeper and create more intimacy for both of us to show ourselves vulnerable and open-hearted.

I’m currently based in Berlin and I’m happy to either meet with you in your favorite Cafe or at your own place.

Of course, I will be available for you via skype as well if you are nowhere near Berlin right now.

A skype conversation can be just as vulnerable and valuable than any other kind of conversation. And I will try my best to create a space where we will feel both close to each other like we know us for ages!

Also, I’m quite a traveler. So if you are interested in a personal meeting then let me know where you are at the current moment and who knows – maybe my travel route is exactly on the way to you and I can stop by at your home. 🙂


Okay, let’s get real.

I know you’ve been scamming the page and only reading half of the above just to come to the bottom of the page to find out that you can’t afford it anyways.

I know, I know. I’ve been doing it plenty of times, and I will do it plenty times more often.

Money makes you think twice whether this is the right thing for you to do now or if it might be not the right timing. Is it the most urgent personal investment you are willing to pay or is there maybe something else that is calling you and asking for money?

It lets you either make a tremendous boost in your personal development and brings you a huge step closer to your dreams or it can turn into a lifelong blockage of life energy and keep you away from growth and expansion, never fully daring to invest in yourself.

But this is not supposed to end in an: „You need to invest more in yourself and that’s why you should buy my coachings.“

Nope. Not my thing.

But to be honest with you: There are a lot (and with a lot I mean A LOT) of things I want to bring into this world. And I want some of these things to be available for everyone. Take the women circle for example.

I believe that every woman, independent of her economic status, should be able to attend a woman circle.

Every woman, and not only woman but every human being, needs a safe space to work through their fears and patterns, to have a space of nourishment among women and a safe space to explore sexuality and our erotic beings. We NEED that. It shouldn’t be an event that you pay 10 Dollars every Thursday, it should be normality. It should be part of our daily or weekly lives and we should restructure our lives more around what is really important to us.

But in order for me to do this, I need some strength and support. And as I have been writing it down a million times in my journal by now:

“One can not serve from an empty vessel.” Period.

My hippie heart can’t stand the existing capitalist system. It flinches just by the thought of how many families got destroyed, how much love it has taken out of our lives because there was no money to support our loved ones. How many empty and exhausted souls exist just from working for a basic living.

And also if many questions remain unresolved, I can’t just overlook the huge longing in my heart for a post-capitalist system. One that is based on value and appreciation of each other.

How could this look like? No fucking idea.

But I’m willing to give it a shot and try something new. And if it’s only for the sake of experimenting, that’s fine for me too.

So to make things even further complicated I decided to create my own payment system. (yippie yay!)


I don’t want to do it like everyone else.
I don’t want to put myself under the pressure of always performing at my very best. I don’t want to have a fixed value for a coaching session and then always feeling the need to give you the exact amount of value I’m going to charge you for.
For me, this feels not in alignment with what I believe life is like.

Trust me. I know my self-worth and for sure I know the value I can give to you.

But I also know the undeniable fact that I’m a human being. And that chances are very very rare that I will always perform at my very best.

This does not mean that I will not try my best, of course, I will.

But you know .. life has its funny ways to turn you upside down within seconds.

Who knows? Maybe I’ve had a nasty fight with my partner just right before our meeting? Or I got deeply triggered in another way and have to take a time out to get my shit back together. Or maybe I let my beloved avocado-sliced-bagel-made-with-extra-love fall into a puddle right before having the first bite and I’m totally losing it.

I mean, come on .. life has its mysteries. It just plain and simply doesn’t always work the way we want it to work.

And since I’m viewing my work as a part of my life work and a reflection on how I live, it is important for me to stay open for exactly this kind of mystery.

Of course, if we will meet for a session you can be sure that I will commit to bringing my very best. You have my full presence and you will see me standing in my power, being connected with myself. Only then I can give you the experience I would like you to give.

So what I’m trying to explain here is this:

Not I am going to decide what kind of value I created in your life, but you are.

You will decide how much value the time with me created for you and you will also decide how much you can give me without coming into financial struggles.

You will pay whatever feels good to you.

I will tell you though to push you a little over the edge of your comfort zone. You want to give me 30? Give me 35. You want to give me 50? Give me 60. You want to give me a 100? Give me 120.

Not for me, but for you. Afterwards you will feel the feeling of deeper appreciation which is a great feeling and I don’t want you to miss it.

Of course, if you don’t have anything right now to give in form of money, please remember one thing: You have ALWAYS something to give. There are many ways of giving back and money is only one form. You being you is a tremendous gift and so valuable for the world.

If you really can’t pay me then think about other things that could create a value in my life. Maybe you are a massage therapist? (love massages!) Or a web-designer (could always use help with the freaking technic stuff)? Or you like to take pictures? Or a cook who wants to cook me something yummy (who doesn’t love good food!?)?

Whatever it is – you have something to give. Always. Sometimes all you have to do is acknowledging the thing you have to give and your own self-worth. And if today it’s only your presence and your gratitude you have to give, then know, that this is enough.

After our meeting, I will hand you a little card which has my bank account number written on it.
I would kindly ask you to transfer within the next 7 days a value that feels good and true to you.

Yes, I know. It’s weird and unknown territory.
I know that even thinking about money could make you feel uncomfortable or is triggering you in any other way.

But this is the only way I can offer something that means so much to me. I tried to find other ways. But nothing felt good and in alignment with my values and my integrity.

And I believe that the world is ready for a change. And this will also mean changing the way we think about money and how we want to re-create our relationship with it. Only then we can find out what is really meant with having „financial freedom“.

If you have any questions, concerns or if you are feeling a „Fuck yes, this is exactly what I’ve been searching for“ then shoot me a message via email (kaiya.kontakt@gmail.com) and let me know when you are available and on what you want to work with me.

Until then,
keep digging.