Let’s bring back the sexiness

The more I trust myself to hold onto me the more I can let go.
The more I trust myself to be able to speak my truth, may the moment be as wild and filled with lust as it may be, the more I’m willing to surrender to my own lust. Always trusting that I can feel and express my boundaries.
The more I can tap into the consciousness that not only men are worthy of seeing me in my full expression of my erotic being, but that I AM worthy of my full expression, that I deserve to live at my fullest and be as sexy as I fucking want to be, then I can bring it to the table.

Only then I bring my erotic being with me. When it feels safe and welcomed. From the world but more important when it feels welcomed by me.

This world has not yet enough safe spaces for women to show her full erotic potential. Where she can express and explore it.
So let’s change that. Let’s create more places of sexiness. Of erotic. Of sensual, deep intimate contact.
Let’s not ban – at least for me –  this beautiful expression of our beings into the four walls of our bedrooms.
Let’s bring back the sexiness. Here and now. In daily life.

Even writing this excites the hell out of me.

Who’s in?

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